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Is Trump a “Persona Non-Grata” in the Caribbean?

വെബ് ഡെസ്‌ക്‌Updated: Monday Mar 5, 2018

 What does the expression ‘persona non-grata’ mean? This Latin expression means ‘an unacceptable’ or ‘unwelcome person’. Leaders in the Caribbean have declared American President Donald Trump ‘persona non-grata’ for the reported racist remarks he made about African nations.

   All languages in the world have borrowed words from other languages. English, just like any other language, is riddled with foreign words taken from other tongues. What do you mean by ‘bona fide’? It means ‘genuine’ or ‘real’. What is ‘modus operandi’? ‘Modus operandi’ means way of operating. Example: Every killer has his own special modus operandi.

 What is the meaning of ‘Ad nauseam’? It means ‘to a disgusting extent’. Example: He talks ad nauseam about how clever his children are. What is ‘magnum opus’? This famous Latin idiom means ‘a work of art, music or literature that is regarded as the best work that an artist, composer, or writer has produced’. Example: Picasso’s Guernica is considered by many to be his magnum opus.  What is the meaning of ‘Carte blanche’? This famous French expression means ‘complete freedom or authority to do whatever you like’. Example: He was given carte blanche to say what he liked in the report.

  What is ‘en masse’? It means ‘in a group’ or ‘all together’. What is ‘viva voce’? It means (especially of an examination) ‘oral rather than written’. Example: Students are required to write two papers and take a viva voce examination. What is ‘vis a- vis’? It means ‘as compared with’ or ‘as opposed to’. Example: Each currency is given a value Vis a- vis with the other currencies. What do you mean by ‘vice versa’? It means ‘reverse order from the way something has stated’.

 What do you mean by ‘prima facie’? ‘Prima facie’ means based on first impression or ‘at first sight’. Example: There is a prima facie evidence that he was involved in the fraud. What is the meaning of ‘status quo’? It means ‘the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues’. Example: Certain people always want to maintain the status quo. What is ‘vox populi’? It means ‘the opinions of the majority’. Example: Her poems weren’t exactly the vox populi.

 What is the meaning of the expression ‘ad-hoc’? It means ‘happening or arranged when necessary and not planned in advanced’. Example: The meeting will be held an ad hoc basis. What do you mean by ‘carpe diem’? It is a Latin expression that means ‘seize the day’ or ‘to make use of the present time’. Example: If you love life, think ‘carpe dime’.

  Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the foreign phrase.

1.    The phrase ‘bona fide’ means:

a) reminder b) to the end  c) genuine  d) reminder

2. ‘Modus operandi’ means:

a)mode of thinking  b) ode of feeling  c)method of kidnapping  d)method of operation

3. ‘Ad nauseam’ means:

a) to a sickening degree   b) interestingly c) very attractive  d) awesome

4. ‘Magnum opus’ means:

a) at one’s own risk b) masterpiece  c)with bad faith  d)a worthless fellow

      5. ‘Carte blanche’ means:

      a) under control b) imprisoned c) complete freedom to act d) not permitted to do

     6) ‘En masse’ means:

      a) in a group   b) in total   c) along with d) including all

     7) ‘Persona non grata’ means:

          a) an enthusiastic person  b) an interesting person c) a secret agent  d) an unacceptable person

      8) ‘Viva voce’ means:

          a) literally b) orally c) carefully d) legibly

      9) ‘Vice versa’ means:

          a) reversed b)normally c)probably d)forwarded

      10) ‘Vis a- vis’ means:

         a) side by side  b)back to back  c) on the way d) as compared with

      11) ‘Prima facie’ means:

         a) prime and proper b) beautiful face  c)at first view d)prime time

      12) The meaning of ‘status quo’ is:

          a) ability to lead b)the existing condition c) face to face d) side by side

      13) The expression ‘vox populi’ means:

 a) popular opinion b) expert opinion c) misunderstanding d) boasting

14) The foreign word ‘ad-hoc’ means:

 a) from the beginning b)permanently  c) for further consideration d)for the special purpose of

15) The expression ‘carpe diem’ means:

  a) enjoy the present day  b) happy day c) unrestricted authority d)hated day

  Answers: 1) c, 2) d, 3) a, 4) b, 5) c, 6) a, 7) d, 8) b, 9) a, 10) d, 11) c, 12) b, 13) a, 14) d, 15) a

   Many foreign phrases are commonly used in the English language. Try to learn their meaning in context.

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